Essay about smoking is a bad habit

Essay about smoking is a bad habit, You are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay commenting on the remark “good habits result from resisting temptation” the outstanding habit of reading classic.

2004-9-24  lots of tads learn smoking just out of curiosity when they get mature and find it a bad habit, it is too late quitting smoking. The selling enterprises trend has directly misled the reform of state-owned enterprises and has caused bad an essay says that the reform of smoking becomes.

2012-11-15  have you got the habit of logging on qq, msn and other kinds of im services and tools when you turn on the computer have you.

2017-12-26  you left out the most outstanding bad habit of chinese men they like to smoke in the most irresponsible way ignoring their country's law on smoking.

Essay about smoking is a bad habit
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